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Man Made Stone Veneer Panels Bring Excitment to Your Home

Looking for a dynamic, compelling and creative way to enhance the look and feel of your property? StoneRox stone veneer panels are a unique, stylish, Canadian-made product, and can be easily installed on both interiors and exteriors. Specifically designed to protect your home throughout the most extreme Canadian climate conditions, they bring you the same benefits as natural stone without the significant production costs.

The look of our stone veneer panels is influenced by the architecture of Eastern Canada. All of our products are masked and molded by a professional mason, and they are created in a unique manner that results in stunning, rarely seen details that aren’t found with natural stone. With StoneRox, you’ll get homegrown, distinctly designed stone veneer panels that creatively complement any aspect of your property.

Durability is never sacrificed with our interior stone veneer and exterior stone veneer products since StoneRox products provides the same quality as natural stone while very little maintenance is required. Since StoneRox products are Canadian made, they are built to last through some of the most severe and extreme climate conditions. A stone veneer can equally protect your structure as natural stone, while giving you the same beautification.

StoneRox stone walls all come with a Quality Assurance Guarantee. This pledges our products will retain their strength, integrity, and durability, and that they will retain their texture through every season. We work to ensure a quality product during the production phase; if any are found, the product will be replaced, no questions asked.

Treat your home or business with affordable luxury with stunningly designed stone veneer panels from StoneRox! For more information, contact us online or call us at (416) 798-7809 today!